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I would personally like to welcome you to Cuisinease.

I have shared pictures of "Before" and "After" my lifestyle change. I am happy to say I became a "born again" Christian and God does transform lives to not just Good or Better but into The Best. The knowledge I have gained, I share with others. I believe life should be savored and everyone can live a good life - we all don't have to get sick and depend on medicine as we get older. The latest photographs I have shown here were taken in February 2020 while I was 54 years old! 

It's been proven that many illnesses are closely related to what we eat and how we take care of our bodies.

I have had a total lifestyle change with healing miracles from God too. I have overcome many illnesses and now live my best life. 

There is such a diversity for you to choose from here. All these options are aimed at satisfying "the individual". Each customer is special and I love to treat each individual as if they were "royalty". Each meal, event or occasion is done with natural aromatic exotic ingredients and elements to create bespoke masterpieces. These works of art are designed to  suit your lifestyle, budget and individual preferences.

I have also written two books "Easy Cuisine for Living Well" and "Have your cake and eat it Too with Cuisinease". These two books will guide you into a healthy eating plan and lifestyle. The recipes are quite simple and easy to make,  the end result being delicious amazing dishes and desserts without the "bad" carbs and sugars. 

Welcome again. Thanks for your visit. Enjoy life with CuisinEase!

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"Live your best life with"

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