Heart Dessert

Bwinji Shamutate


Whenever I have desserts from her -

I sure wish I could share with all my family

Tastes soooo good. Contemporary, delicious. Something new each time. I just love the diversity.

I think that Tina Turner song describes these cakes perfectly

"Simply the best - better than all the rest"

Just simply delicious memories


fruit cake 2.jpg
Sorrel cake.jpg

Antoinette Pa,mer Davis 

CEO Ettenio wrote:

I live thousands of miles away but each year I order my Jamaican Christmas cakes from Auntie Jackie - The taste is unmatchable. Reminds me so much of those flavourful rich cakes my Mother used to make 

These cakes are authentically Jamaican with the right balance of Jamaican Rum and not too sweet either. 

Definitely made "with love"

Strawberry Dessert

Hazel & Richard Rutland

Weekly Customers for food delivery wrote:

The cakes and desserts are unforgettable.

Bursting with a world of flavour. 

Each time we order, we get pleasant surprises - it may be the same item but it just tastes better each time.

Beautifully decorated too

We are truly impressed and each time we ask - "What's the secret?" She says "Just made with lots of love". 

Highly recommended!